Skin Care
Aloe Foaming Face Wash:
5 fl. oz
An oil free,
non-comedogenic cleanser
that gently lathers away all
traces of makeup, dirt and
oil, leaving the skin soft and
supple. For Combination
and Oily Skin Types.

Almond Honey Scrub:
2 fl. oz
Exfoliates skin leaving it super soft and supple.
Almond Honey Scrub is composed of medium and fin almond
meal, corn meal, and wheat flour grains blended with super
fine French talc, honey and Aloe Vera gel. It works as a soft,
natural exfoliating scrub removing dead skin cells, polishing
the skin and leaving it with a natural healthy glow. It is
recommended for all skin types. Use twice a week. Mix a
small amount of scrub with a few drops of water in the palm of
the hand, lightly massage onto the skin’s surface, and then
rinse with tepid water. Follow with an n appropriate mask or
Almond paste with moisturizing honey cleans and exfoliates.
Rinses off easily. Combines whole-wheat flower, Almond
meal, corn meal, oatmeal, honey, Apricot, kernel powder, and
peach kernel powder to create a moisturizing and invigorating
scrub. It is filled with honey (a natural humectants) that leaves
the skin feeling soft and refreshed. Smooth paste
consistency. Can be used as part at a at home facial regiment
when followed by mask and moisturizer. Use at least 2 times a
week to see results.
Aloe Foaming
Face Wash:
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soon withairless pump.
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Oil-Free Hydration Lotion:
5fl. Oz
Re-hydrates skin to maintain it’s natural PH Balance. Collagen
and Elastin promote skins appearance.  Soothes and softens
the skin, helps to improve firmness and elasticity. Helps
diminish wrinkles and age lines. Can be used as a Day cream
for all skin types and a Light anti aging night lotion. Provides
pollution protection.
*New Eye
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** New Products**
Skin Care Technology changes yearly. To stay up to date, products
are discontinued and replaced with state of the art technologies!
*New Anti Puff
Eye cream.
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Iced Mint Mask:
2 fl. oz
Developed to control oily complexions by deep cleaning
and refining pore size. Recommended for normal,
combination, normal to oily and blemished skin. It is a
stimulating and effective mask that leaves the skin with the
renewed and soothed after-feel. Apply on thoroughly
cleansed skin, spread a small amount of masque over the
entire face, carefully avoiding eye area. Leave on for 15-20
minutes., then rinse with tepid water. Use twice a week.

Zinc oxide helps to normalize and protect the skins Ph and
oil balance. Provides and antiseptic effect. Clays help to
absorb oils from the skin, tighten pores and refine skin.
Glycerin and carrot oil protect the moisture loss and
provide nourishment to the skin. Aloe Vera and chlorophyll
offer soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Dissolves
excess oil and gives a cool refreshing sensation to the
skin. Removes surface dead cell build-up, impurities and
pore blockage. Promotes anti-bacterial activity. Helps to
promote clear and smooth complexion.
Iced Mint

Camphor Drying Lotion:
.25fl. Oz
Is an excellent skin care treatment for blemished skin.
It helps to dry up blemishes, reduce tissue redness,
irritation and helps to prevent growth of the blemish.
Recommended to use with a cotton tip or swab
several times a day as needed. It is a Clear Liquid
formulated to dry blemishes and be worn under your
makeup. Will not leave a residue.
Bio Eye Gel:
.5 oz
Bio Eye Gel calms and smooths as it reduces puffiness and
diminishes fine lines around the eye area.
Use in the AM
This gel has a time release formula to reduce puffiness and
fatigue in the eye area. Main Ingredients Liposomes, Cucmis
Sativa, Jasmine Auriculatum.
*Night cream
coming soon:
Bio Eye Gel
Not Available yet.
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