Fill out Your Testimonial for Christal - Many Thanks!!

"I wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to you both for your wonderful work from last weekend. I was truly impressed with both of your skill and efficiency! Asma,
my bridesmaids looked lovely and each of them loved their hairstyles! Christal, I cannot thank you enough for my hair and makeup designs, for being flexible with
the timings, and adding my mom to your list as a last minute add on (she loved her hair and make-up, by the way!) I cannot tell you how many compliments I got
on the wedding day and reception evening. Thank you also for keeping me calm as I was stressing out about timings and for working fast and quickly under time
constraints. I would be happy to be a reference for both of you, or to write a review on your behalf! Thanks again, - Elora - 2018

"Christal, you were amazing!! We are truly impressed with your talent, passion for your work, professionalism and you were such a joy to engage with from start
to finish. Sanchali looked stunning. Many thanks! - Alpna - 2018

"Hi Christal, I can't believe it's been a week since you last did my makeup and hair! I wanted to say thank you SO much for the most beautiful makeup and hair!! I
absolutely loved everything about it and received so many compliments throughout the day. I feel so grateful to have found you and you also made the day so
wonderful with your positive attitude. I hope we can work again in the future together!
Lots of love, Kim Hoang - 2018

"Dear Christal, Thank you so much for doing my hair and make-up for my wedding events on July 4 and 7. I had so many compliments on your work for both the
events. I was super impressed with your attention to detail, your hygiene, and your artistry. I will definitely be recommending you to friends in the future"
Anjana - 2018

"I cannot thank you enough for how amazing a job you did with my hair and makeup and also the rest of the bridal party as well. I got so many compliments, the
way you pinned my dress was perfect, and my hair did not move until I got home and took out every single pin! To be really honest, after the wedding, planning a
reception was a little harder, just because it's not the same level of excitement before you get married. However, once I started getting my hair and makeup run,
my adrenaline really kicked in and it reminded me that it's still as special an event as the wedding. Thank you for making my special day extra special! I am so
excited to refer you to so many people. Best, - Indu" - 2017

"I cannot get over how lucky I am to have found Christal to do my hair and makeup for my sangeet and wedding day. I am an Indian bride who lives in NYC but got
married in the Bay Area. I was initially nervous about not having a trial but after speaking to Christal and taking a close look at her work, I knew I was in good
hands. She was so pleasant to communicate with before the wedding and she was incredible with my and my mom's hair and makeup for the sangeet and my hair,
makeup and chuni pinning for my wedding plus hair, makeup and chuni pinning for my reception. I continue to get compliments on her work and just looking back
at pictures, she managed to strike the perfect balance of gorgeous makeup and hair without going overboard. She got along with all my bridesmaids and family and
worked incredibly well under time pressure. I will be recommending her to all of my engaged family and friends in the area. Thanks, Christal (Bride)
Akta Jantrania - 2016

"I have hired Christal to work on numerous projects. The most intensive was to do hair and make-up for the photo-shoots for the photos in my book "Relations
That Suck." For each shoot Christal was thoroughly prepared, had done her research, came up with multiple ideas for how to tackle the shot, and had plenty of
material to work with. Whatever we asked for it seemed like Christal had already thought of it and had it available -- from things to make blood and bruises of
various colors to assortments of fake hair. She is extremely professional and dedicated to her work. On top of it all, Christal is amazing sweet and fun to work with.
I highly recommend Christal as a hair and make-up artist." Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, and Expert. – - 2014

"Christal is phenomenal. She is unbelievably sweet and so professional - she is incredibly talented and made me feel more beautiful than ever on my wedding day.
She makes excellent suggestions and tries to reflect your own style/look. She is also SUCH a pro at Indian weddings -- her chunni pinning was flawless. I could not
have picked a more qualified and wonderful person to help me with my hair and makeup. Christal is the best!!"  - Neha Matani – Bride 2013

"Christal is so organized and professional and she is so good at what she does! When I asked whether I should have a trial, she surprised me by saying, "it will
just be a waste of money and all of my brides are happy with their hair and makeup on their wedding day", so practical! And also confident, as she should be. Our
moms and my maid of honor and I were so happy with her work because she made us feel so beautiful when she was done. It was pretty amazing how fast she
worked with such awesome techniques- we were done about half an hour earlier than scheduled and were able to relax before the ceremony". – Tomoko – Bride

"This review is LONG over due.  Christal is amazing.  She did the make up for my wedding.  She is the consummate professional, extremely nice and easy to work
with, and amazingly talented.  As an Indian woman, I was not sure about working with a non-Indian make up artist, but from the moment we met at the trial, all
my fears vanished.  I have never felt that I looked as beautiful as I did on the day of my wedding.  Thank you Christal." - Aarti Sabhlok-McCollum – Bride 2013

"Christal is a one woman show, an amazing personality, positive and full of life, capable of multi-tasking to the highest level in her expertise in makeup, hair, and
styling.  I cannot say enough good things about her, she has the capability of transforming you into many different moods and looks. You can not go wrong
working with her, I can not say enough good things about her, because I find she strives for Perfection in everything she puts her hands to do". – Laura Collins –
Wardrobe Stylist 2013

"Christal's Makeup line is amazing!!! My friend had Christal as her makeup Artist for her wedding. After I saw how awesome Christal was, I had to come back again,
as I live in Hawaii, and schedule a makeup lesson with Christal. She showed me step by step how to apply makeup, and made me look very pretty! Thanks Christal!
I will only be using your makeup line from now on. I have had so many compliments ever since I started using your makeup."
Tiffany - Brides Maid of Bride - 2012

"Christal is phenomenal. She did hair and makeup for me and my maid of honor for my wedding. I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful than I did
that day, all thanks to Christal's amazing talent. I was referred to her by my wedding planner, and could not do a hair or makeup trial because I lived out of state.
The day of my wedding, Christal looked at our dresses and a number of photos we brought and asked detailed questions about the wedding. Then she created
stunning looks that combined all the best elements of the hair and makeup styles that we liked. They were BETTER than any of the photos we showed her. I
should add that I am East Asian and that Christal does the best makeup for East Asian eyes that I have ever seen! On top of it all, she is sweet, funny, and super
fun to work with. I should add that Christal's familiarity with East Asian wedding customs is really impressive, and so if you are looking for an Artist who will be able
to adapt your look culturally specific portions of your wedding, look no further. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Christal!"
Irene - Bride - 2012

"Thank you Christal for all the time you took to teach me about Makeup and hairstyling. Every time I succeed and I am a step higher doing what I like to do most, I
think of you because you opened a huge door for me. You took time to educate me and you are a person I look up to. You are very strong and great at what you
do. Just needed to let you know I hope you are doing great!"
Marcela - Student and Intern - 2012

"Christal is absolutely amazing at what she does! I had never met her before but I was referred to her by my close friend. I contacted her for my hair and makeup
for my engagement party I had couple weeks ago and I am so happy I did!! Being Indian, I wore a sari with Indian jewelry that had different colors.With her magic
touch she was able to mix the colors perfectly to match my outfit. My hair turned out wonderfully too! I felt I could have been in a Vidal sassoon commerical! Thank
you so much Christal! :)"
Pavitra - 2012

"Hiring Christal to do my makeup was without a doubt one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning.  I was a delinquent bride and did not look at
sample photos for any of the three events that I had Christal do my makeup for, and she still managed to do a fantastic job at all three without any guidance.  I
loved that Christal managed to make me look like a bride yet still look like myself-- I am still getting so many compliments for her work!  As a side note, apart from
her amazing work, Christal is a treat to work with.  She is so professional and calm and yet so cheerful. I know that it is in part because of her that I was in such a
relaxed and happy mood from the get go on my wedding day.  I will be recommending Christal to all of my engaged friends =)"
Simi - 2012

"Christal is awesome!! Super talented, energetic, friendly, accommodating, and her rates are reasonable! I booked her for my bridal hair and makeup, and for 2
mothers hair plus makeup as well. Christal was punctual, brought all of her tools and even one of those super model chairs, and she finished all 3 of us timely. On
my wedding day, the hair and makeup was just splendid. I was very happy knowing that this was the least thing to worry about, and I received many compliments!
The 2 mothers were very pleased their services too. You can not go wrong with Christal! With two recommendations by friends who are now married, I now also
highly recommend Christal. She will make your day special! Thanks a million Christal! OH! And her products are not bad either, I might shop for more! Cheers! "
Syna Aye - 2011

"Let me begin by saying WOW! Christal is truly an amazing makeup artist and hairstylist, and she definitely worked wonders for me during my June 2010 wedding.
After seeing her previous work on family members and friends, I was certain that she was my one-stop shop for my makeup and hair needs for the wedding, and
boy did she make my job of searching for a makeup artist easy! I first went in for a trial for my engagement photo shoot and came out looking more glamorous
than I could have ever imagined! As soon as I posted a picture from my engagement shoot, I got a million comments complimenting the wonderful job Christal did
on my hair and makeup. I am so glad I was able to work with Christal, she has such a positive attitude and the rare ability to make any bride feel totally relaxed and
confident on her wedding day. Thank you Christal!" -  Bride - Priti Patel - 2011

"Christal is best! I live in Los Angeles and got married in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I asked my girlfriends to point me in the right direction for hair and
make-up in the Bay, not surprisingly, Christal’s name came up several times! From my first email to her to my final meeting with her for my wedding day’s second
look session, Christal remained calm (sometimes for the both of us!) and fun.  Not only is she the perfect energy to have around you on your special day – fun,
bubbly, funny, and rational (if anything unexpected happens on your big day, she has a great way of talking you down without being patronizing!) – but she has
SO much skill when it comes to hair and make-up…and more importantly, she listens! Unlike other i have encountered in the past, she does what the customer
wants, not what she thinks would look best (although I’d recommend trusting her – she’s great and does this everyday for a living!)  I can’t wait for another
opportunity to work with Christal! Again – I’m thinking I’ll have to have a anniversary party every year just to experience all the great looks she is capable of!" –  
Raman K – Bride - May 2011

Christal is a hair and make-up magician!! In this field, she is truly the most talented artist that I have come across. Her skill lies in not only her incredible end
results, but also in how quickly and professionally she works. She is a really sweet girl to boot! When she was working with me, I felt like I was just hanging out
with a fun girlfriend. After our trial session, I realized that I could completely trust Christal to make me look perfectly for my wedding day. She helped me relax too,
since I wholeheartedly trusted her to ensure that I’ll have the perfect look on my wedding day. I received SO many compliments on both my hair and make-up, and
I cannot express how glad I am that I was referred to her. I would refer her to anyone. On a side note, she is extremely full of knowledge in hair/makeup for all
cultures, including Indian brides. I can't express how impressed I am with her, she is passionate about what she does and she understands exactly what each client
wants. She is truly a wonder maker - and at a very reasonable price worth every penny! Also, she sure that everything happens on time and according to the
wedding day schedule. What a perfect combo - Thank you Christal!!" - Priya Dua - Bride - 2010

"I heard about Christal through Elaine (bride, 2009). I finally got to meet Christal last week and OMG I am in love with her products. Her Brush set is so soft. It
feels so soft on your face you have to have one set with you and I promise you will not regret it. Christal is very sweet and friendly. She made me feel so
comfortable at her place and we had a great conversation. I will definitely recommend Christal to all my friends and family. I am her Fan for life!!!" - Choden -
Christal Clear Customer 2010

"Christal is one of the friendliest, fastest, most pro-active stylist I've worked with. Her work is fabulous, her rates are *very* reasonable,and during the shoot, she
knew how to adjust my client's hair and makeup in order to complement what I was shooting. It was a joy working with her, and I definitely recommend Christal to
all my clients."
- Junshien Photography - 2010

"Working with Christal was fun and wonderful.  She was professional, kind, charming and of course...talented!  My makeup came out great(received lots of
compliments) and she even helped me with my hair because there was some extra time.  I hope to work with her again in the future.  Thank you, Christal!!"
- Chai - Bridesmaid - 2010

"Christal did my hair and makeup for my Valentine's Day wedding. Both at the trial and on the wedding day, Christal was flexible, skilled, and professional. At the
wedding I felt confident and happy. People told me again and again how beautiful I looked and even that I was the most stunning bride they'd seen. Knowing that
Christal was coming to do my hair and makeup calmed my nerves and took a lot of pressure off. I was able to relax on the wedding day, knowing I was in good
- Aurora Metal-Leverenz - Bride - 2010

"I absolutely love Christal!! I met her through my photographer Vijay Rakhra and was so happy to meet her and find out she had done so much work with Indian
brides. She knew everything about Indian bridal clothing and jewelry and was just so enthusiastic and friendly. On top of her great personality, her makeup and
hair skills are just beautiful! I LOVED my wedding and reception makeup and jewelry and my photos came out so amazing. All my friends and family loved it as well,
and I would happily recommend Christal to anyone! Thank you so much Christal for making sure I looked my best on my special day!" - Nidhi/Indian - Bride - 2010

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Christal. I am incredibly picky when it comes to make-up, and like a very natural look that compliments my
features but still makes me look like me- just a better me :) Christal executed this perfectly. She listened and did exactly what I asked but added her own
wonderful ideas to the mix. I could not be happier with how my trial went- I have such confidence now in how my make-up and hair will turn out on my
wedding day, and that peace of mind is pure bliss. On top of it all, Christal is an incredibly sweet, genuine, and wonderful person to be around. If you use her you
will not regret it!" - Inna - Bride - 2010

"During my make-up trial, Christal gave me a sample of wide awake eye cream to try out. I couldn't believed how much it helped my dark and puffy under-eyes! I
have used eye creams before, but none of them really did anything until this one. I ran out of my sample a few weeks later and for one reason or another it took
me a little while to order another one- in the time I didn't use it I could see my under-eyes returning. As soon as I ordered the cream and started using it they
disappeared again- it was seriously like magic! This is AWESOME eye cream, so if you've been searching for a good one search no more!"
- Inna - Christal Clear Cosmetics Customer - 2010

"Christal was referred to me through a personal reference. I am very grateful to have found her. I've been through a couple of makeup consultations with different
makeup artists and was never quite satisfied with their ability.  When I went through the consultation with Christal, I truly felt the professional celebrity treatment...
you know the type of makeup and hair treatment you see models go through before they go on the runway.  Yes, I watch top model and project runway.  Not only
is Christal very professional and extremely skilled in her art, she is also very personable.  She made me feel very comfortable like I'm hanging out with a good
friend. She gave me great make up and skin care tips. She listened to my wants and needs and gave me great suggestions.  She worked with me in deciding the
best look for me.On the day of my wedding, she arrived not only on time, but much earlier than planned and successfully recreated the look that we decided at the
consultation. Everyone loved my hair and makeup. I received many compliments.  I must add that my hair and makeup lasted all day. I highly recommend Christal
and I have to all my friends that are engaged.  I can very confidently say to them that they will not be disappointed.”
Claudia Suen - Bride - 2010

"Christal kept me calm and found a balance between the way I wanted my make-up to look with the way my mother-in-law wanted me to look.  In the end, it was a
perfect blend with the way make-up should look with a Kimono on and the way I wanted to look with my wedding gown on. I'm so thrilled to have chosen Christal
for my make-up artist.  Not only is she very skilled at what she does, she can tackle those potential wedding day disasters to make the day start off
uninterrupted.  What a treasure!" – Bride - Joella Blas - 2009

“On top of producing excellent results, being very easy to work with, and extremely professional and knowledgeable about her craft, Christal is always punctual, is
consistent and reliable, and very creative. Anything you have in mind, Christal can do. I've had the good fortune to work with her a handful of times already and am
looking forward to working with her consistently in the future. Christal Saville is my first choice to have on set, I've never met better. I trust her completely for a
job perfectly done.”    
Catherine Bui - Designer - - 2007~2010

"I traveled from Greece to participate in an one day make up seminar with Christal Saville . I was amazed by her professionalism and talent. Working with her was a
great experience because of her friendly personality and her in depth knowledge of makeup art. I am looking forward to work with her again." Labrina Chondrou -
Aesthetician and Spa Owner. - 2007~2009

styling (including extensions) to be just as fantastic as her make-up application. She also takes great care of her products and keeps her tools clean which is
something I find extremely important. I recommend Christal to anyone needing the type of services she provides.”
Ashton Shane - Model/Actress - Cast Images Talent Agency - 2008

“Christal is an amazing person to work with. She has a lot of talent both as a hair stylist and makeup artist. She's a hoot to boot! With talent and a great
personality like hers you can't go wrong." – Makeup Artist - James overstreet - 2007

“Christal has done several of my events, both hair and makeup for me and other clients I've referred. She is extremely professional, always punctual and very
creative in her work. What I love most is that she's fast at what she does and really able to pull all the inner beauty out on her client. I would recommend Christal
Joy LaVigne - Client - 2005~2010

“Christal Saville is a bona fide artist and a powerful talent in a field crowded with lesser folks who claim to be artists. Christal can envision an entire shoot then
exceed all expectations with her art, color/design sense, dazzling details, and perfect mapping to the model under her brush. No prima Donna here, either --
Christal is dream team member, full of smiles and cooperation.” -Len Cook - Photographer - 2004~2010

“Christal is one of the best makeup artists I know.” - Renee Vargas - Designer - 2008

"It has been my pleasure to know and work with Christal Seville for many years. Christal is extremely professional, very personable, always early and open to
collective collaborations.  But that's not the essence. She's gifted with a truly amazing artistic vision. When you have only one shot at success, you need Christal,
she's my first call! - Dave Davis - - 2005~2010

I have worked with Christal numerous times over the last 2 years on different artistic photo shoots. From the creative process to the final execution, Christal is
extremely talented. No task is too big and no idea is out of her potential. She is extremely fun to work with and an excellent time player. Christal is very
professional, and truly an exquisite makeup artist. I have no hesitation in recommending her. - Val Cunningham - Owner and Creative Director- www.ModeInStyle.
com - 2005~2010

"Christal is Outstanding in her profession. She is one of the most talented and creative Make-up Artists we have had the pleasure to work with. Christal has the
ability to think outside of the box, pushing herself and her peers to take it to the next level. Christal's work ethic is excellent and rare, any company would be lucky
to have her on their team." - Jessica Camper - Christian Dior Cosmetics - Special Events - 2006~2007

“Chrital knows her craft and knows it very well! She's a multi tasker and could do them in the best quality. As a make up artist, hair designer, wardrobe designer,
she's ready to give this world of entertainment another taste of quality.” - Charles Kusuma - Model - Photographer - De Royale Photography - 2006

"Thank you for the amazing work you provided for the photo shoot. Not only was the hair just perfect but also the makeup. You are truly an artist and I hope to
work with you again soon." -
Gena Gold - photographer - - 2007
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