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Waxing FACE AND BODY = in studio only.
  • Eyebrows $20
  • Nose $18
  • Sideburns $18
  • Full face $55
  • Lip $12
  • Cheeks $12
  • Shoulders $30
  • Hands $15
  • Underarms $22
  • Chest $25
  • Arms $35
  • Stomach $18
  • Back $22
  • Bikini $50

Spa Facials / Lessons
  • What does your facial include:
Skin analysis, identification of skin problems, professional treatment and suggestions on how to care for your
skin at home. The goal is to teach the client how to perform at home facials to save time and money.

All facials are a lesson type facial to reach your at home goals with the right products, treatments and regimens.

Getting Started
  • Consultation:
The consultation provides information about clients skin condition and design the best facial treatment client
Time: 10 min
Price: Free

Spa Facial & Skin Care Lesson
  • Deep Cleansing Basic Facial:
Includes: Double cleansing. The cleansers will help to deep cleanse the waterproof products on the client’s skin
as well as other impurities of the skin. A professional grade exfoliation will be preformed along with a relaxing
massage, followed by specific serums, masque, and hydrating moisturizer.
Time: 60 min
Price: $75

Special Treatment
  • Extended Skin Treatment Facial:
Skin treatment facial is a monthly maintenance facial treatment, which includes double cleansing, exfoliation, use
of galvanic, high frequency or electro-current (if needed), massage, masque, serums, toner, moisturizer, and
sun protection before leaving the studio.
Time: 75 min
Price: $95

Facial Needs
  • Break down of facial application fees:
Double cleanse $5
Exfoliate $10
Massage $20
Serums $10
Masque $10
Hydrate $5
Eye treatments $10
Galvanic service $30
Sun protection $5
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