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Secure your Booking with Christal: CLICK HERE

  • Confirmation Google Calendar will then be sent to you via email with all details.
  • Once you are happy with your quote, you will be sent a contract via email.

  • A emailed contract or scanned copy sent via email will secure your date.
  • All totals must be due upon arrival for services.
  • No personal checks will be accepted. Do not mail cash. No deposit requested.
  • Payment forms must be paid only in CASH, MONEY ORDER OR CASHIER CHECK.

  • Bookings are 1st come 1st serve.
  • Scheduled  or penciled bookings do not hold your booking date with out a contract.
  • Once you sign the contract you are in contract to owe the minimum cancellation fee.
  • The Contract is to be completed by the main client (Example: Bride or Production manager)

Set up and or Be ready for your Destination services by Christal:
  • Try to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Have day of contract filled out along with total, or services will not begin.
  • Have all set up 15 minutes early, it's better to be early then late! Christal always arrives
    and parks 15 minutes before the set up time.
  • Have a Table or Desk space (no coffee or low tables) to set up on near an electrical out lit.
  • Please have a Clean and ready table or Desk and folding/ low chair for Hairstyling.
  • No coffee tables or low tables -Kitchen area is OK or well lit room.
  • If you want to get ready in the bathroom, make sure to have space for Makeup and
    hairstyling. Small sink areas will NOT ALLOW ENOUGH SPACE. THINK DESK SIZE AREA.
  • Photographers hate shooting in Bathrooms, it does not look good in your pictures.
  • I will bring a makeup Tall chair for Makeup application. You provide one low chair.
  • Services for large groups, please go by schedule given or you will be late.
  • Brides getting ready at a hotel. Text the room number 30 minutes before your service or
    the night before--------------- 510-468-6829
  • Come with Clean DRY - DAY OLD hair for best results. Fresh Hair does not hold styles as
    well as pins slip out easier. I suggest you wash your hair the night before if you have oily
    hair. Don't worry about Frizz or curly hair, your hair will be perfectly styled.
  • Blow dry is additional time and addition cost. Not recommend for updos and styling.
  • Wear a white or neutral color zip up/ button up shirt.
  • You can put your own skin care and SPF. Skin preparation Facial is optional.
  • Bring pictures of both hairstyles and makeup looks to show your desired style.
  • If all clients do not bring picture, add 30 minutes to the service scheduled.
  • Clients must provide pictures to show ones individual Style or Bring pictures of what you
    do not like. If no pictures are given, they may get a look they do not like.
  • Eye brow grooming is included in all makeup services.
  • Bring your favorite lip color for touch up if you are not a bride.
  • Bride is gifted one full size lip color for touch up.

Wedding Schedule, details and Rules:
  • (Christal will make your schedule. Provide time to be ready):
  • Bride -------1 hour Makeup
  • Bride -------1 hour Hairstyling
  • All other Bridal Members/ Clients ----------------------------------30 minutes Makeup
  • All other Bridal Members/ Clients -------------------------------30 minutes Hairstyling
  • All other Bridal Members/ Clients ------------------------------15 minutes Sari pinning
  • All other Bridal Members/ Clients ----------------------10 minutes eye lash application
  • Getting Ready Photos and into your white wedding dress ------------------30 minutes
  • Eastern Brides take 45 minutes - 1 hour to get in dress or Sari, put on jewelry and sew
    chuni/veil. At this time your photographer should arrive for getting ready pics.
  • Eastern or Asian Brides getting a 2nd Hair & Makeup look ---------1 hour for full change
  • 2nd Hair & Makeup includes:
  • Removal of orange powder in hair and face, removal of veil, teeka, jewelry.
  • Removal of all hair pins, scalp massage, New hairstyle
  • Removal of under eye makeup and sweat on face
  • Re application and touch up of foundation, concealer, new eye shadow colors or darkened,
    blush, contour, highlight and lip change of color.
  • Placement of Teeka, jewelry and chuni or sari pinning.
  • 2nd look Hair & Makeup Rules:
  • Do not wash your face or hair - Or full rate will apply
  • You may shower your body off, but from neck up, do not wash or more time will be added
    to the schedule and discount rate will not apply. (Shower cap is suggested)
  • 2nd look Hair and Makeup after full shower will add on: Blow dry $60, Lashes $10, Full
    new Makeup and Hairstyle $150. This is not included in the package of $800
  • 2nd Look Late Fee:
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late to your 2nd look Schedule $40 will apply in 30
    minute increments. Sometimes Ceremony pictures run behind, that is OK, but there is a
    small wait fee due to parking meter. Please Bring extra cash if you plan to be late.

Extra Expenses that may apply:
  • Travel fee outside Sacramento/Roseville                          - $100
  • Gas fee to destinations over 50 miles                                - $0.59 per mile
  • Travel fee over 50 miles                                                    - $40.00 per half hour

  • Late fee - Any appointment over 30 minutes late               -$40 per 30 minutes

  • Early Bird Bridal Fee - Arrival before 6am                          - $200.00
  • Early Bird Bridal Fee - Arrival before 7am                          - $150.00
  • Early Bird Bridal Fee - Arrival before 8am                          - $100.00

Holiday Rate - Booking with in the week of any Holiday                   
                                                                                                     - $100.00
  • New Years Eve/ Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother's/ Father's Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanks Giving
  • Christmas

On Site - Your location - Home/ Hotel - Destination Bookings:
  • Weekend minimum (classic Bridal package +travel)     - $575.00
  • Non Bridal (3 clients hair/ makeup + travel)                - $600.00
  • Gas and Travel will apply to destination services.
  • Bridal Packages are all inclusive: Includes gas, travel, Hair, makeup, lashes, tip.
  • 10% Gratuity is added to the quote of all services excluding Bridal packages.
Direct: 510-468-6829
Destination OR Weekend Services: Minimum
By appointment only