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Christal's Wedding Hair & Makeup
Custom order hand Made jewelry
& Hair Jewelry made by the Artist
herself. Send pictures of what
styles you want and watch her
duplicate most beading styles.
Christal makes jewelry as a hobby
and hair accessories for her
Brides and Bride's Maids
Budget between $15-$45
Christal's Publications: Makeup & Hairstyling
Many others in portfolio.
New Fall colors and Launches for
Christal Clear Cosmetics
Infinity eyeliner: "Chancy"
Infinity Eye liner:
Christal Clear infinity liner is highly
pigmented to play up the drama.
This high-tech,
gel-cream adheres to the lids
without smearing for a fine line.
Perfect for swishing with an
angel brush. Or glide on as a water
proof shadow. Inspired by favorite
runway images, these trendy colors
can be worn alone or under eye
shadow as a water proof eye
shadow base.
Infinity Eye liner
3 Shade Blush Palette:
From highlighting to contouring, from
high fashion to subtle hint of color --
Christal Clear Blush will keep you
blushing! A sleek compact filled with 3
colors. Get million dollar cheeks by
using a blush brush. Use the high
light colors on the cheek bones and
use the contour darker color under
the cheek bones to define. You have
six palettes to choose,
that's 18 fabulous colors to coordinate
3 Shade blush "C313"
3 Shade Blush Palette
Lip Gloss:
Christal Clear Lip Gloss is fortified with anti-oxidants
and enriched with gentle emollients. This long lasting
formula blankets your lips with a burst of brilliant color
pigment. Wear alone or accent your favorite lip pencil or
lipstick shades.
Lip gloss "Magenta"
Lip gloss"Metallic Mauve"
5 in stock of "Peachy": Summer Launch
Lip Gloss
Lip Pencils:
Christal Clear Lip pencils are incredibly creamy
and super smooth. Developed with the
Makeup artist in mind. Infused with Anti-
oxidants, these inspiring shades will define your
lip color. For lips that need extra attention add
Christal Clear lip gloss!
Lip Pencil "Blackberry Champagne"
Lip Pencil
"Voltage Rouge"
Lip Pencils